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We are back! Vinylcast 39 is now online. This episode is a home tape by DJ Sneak sometime in the Spring of 2004 and we talkin’ bout practice.


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The Vinylcast by DJ Sneak is a real treat for House-Heads as one of the scene’s pioneers digs deep in the vaults to unearth classic mixes from a very memorable time in electronic music, this was a time when DJ’s showed their skills on vinyl and it is that raw unprocessed sound that you will experience here. This podcast series features live recordings from clubs, festivals and private events from around the world and will also have Sneak sharing some of his memories about these times. The super-exclusive mixes have been digitized from tapes held in Sneak’s archives and are now finally being released for all to enjoy. As always, expect the finest in real, raw, jacking, underground House music.


Episode 38 of the Budcast series is a special one for sure. “This mix was recorded live in Santurce, Puerto Rico where I’m originally from. This was a dope underground style party in the middle of the Hood near San Juan. This was one of the best parties I played in Puerto Rico. The Soulful dancing crowd kept going till the early morning. For sure proud to go home where I’m from to do it for the future house heads.” – DJ Sneak.


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Self-proclaimed House Gangster, Sneak has the passion to keep House music alive and continues to push forward with new releases & remixes that capture and inspire the true essence of House music. While touring the globe and playing some of the most relevant gigs around the world, he continues to make an impact on the scene today. His signature sound of funky-jackin-disco-filtered House has revolutionized and redefined house music for 20 years and counting. ‘The Budcast’ focuses on new music currently being played by Sneak as he travels the globe.



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Toronto’s Demuir is without a doubt one of the freshest and most industrious House Music producers to arrive on the scene in recent years. His efforts to trawl through endless vinyl pieces to find that perfect sample to grace his cutting edge slabs of Houseology, along with his studio videos of ‘work in progress’, have captured imaginations and inspired the masses, making him one of the most sought after producers of the moment. Demuir has built a strong relationship with DJ Sneak, releasing tracks previously on I’m A House Gangster. So keeping it in the family, he gets set to unleash his new labour of love, ‘TruSkool’ album on IAHG’s acclaimed sister label Magnetic Recordings. Crammed with a melting pot of fused genres, ‘TruSkool’ is timeless and journeys between the Jackin’, Soulful and Jazzy, to sublime Techno, Disco and Tech House and even a Samba jam thrown in… And you can bet when it comes to the science of cross pollenating music, Demuir sure knows how to kick it ‘TruSkool’!

Offering a refreshing antidote to some of the current trends of sombre sounds, ‘TruSkool’ brings something cheerful and uplifting for our ears. There is a jam for one and all to savour, be it the feel-good Jazzy vibes ‘2.5 Bars – It Work Tho (Innovate)’, ‘Aesthetics’ and ‘Lady In Fishnets’, to the Disco jazzy house grooves of ‘It’s My Turn’ and ‘Mi Nah Chase Pum Pum’ to the infectiously funky ‘Need To Learn – Ol To The Nu (Outro)’. Demuir cranks up thermostat with the Techier edged afrocentric vibes of ‘Call Of Da Sound’, the Jackin’ Latin spiced ‘No Corazón. No Beat’, the driving, techy acid wobble of ‘Coward In Aries’ and the fiery Samba joint ‘Bichano Doce’, on which Demuir flexes his own playing skills! Closing out this superb album are a selection of 4 tasty DJ dubs for those who like to surrender to pure dance floor heat.

Awarded Traxsource.com’s #1 Jacking House Producer of 2015, Demuir’s eclectic house sound exudes funky, sexy and soulful beats that are consistently recognized and sought by artists and dance music fans around the world. Hailing from Toronto, Canada, Demuir started off as a child playing around on his Dad’s Hammond B3 organ, before beginning to play music seriously at the age of 16, with skills covering the keys, bass guitar, drums and percussion instruments. He first fell in love with house music after hearing Derrick May’s ‘Strings Of Life’ and seeing May, DJ Sneak, and Mark Farina at Industry nightclub. Demuir has had releases on IAHG (I’m A House Gangster), Classic Music Company, Guesthouse Music, King Street Sounds, Great Lakes Audio (GLA) and Henry Street Music, garnering support from heavyweights including Mark Farina, Derrick Carter, DJ Sneak, Cassy, Todd Terry, Kenny Dope, Darius Syrossian, Sasha and Kevin Saunderson, among others. Demuir’s musical output shows no signs of slowing down, there’s some of his most high-profile releases still to come this year, including the launch of his new ‘TruSkool’ album on Magnetic Recordings.

Track Listing
1 2.5 Bars – It Work Tho (Innovate)
2 Aesthetics (Original Mix)
3 It’s My Turn (Original Mix)
4 Call Of Da Sound (Original Mix)
5 Lady In Fishnets (Original Mix)
6 Mi Nah Chase Pum Pum (Original Mix)
7 Coward In Aries (Original Mix)
8 No Corazón. No Beat (Original Mix)
9 Bichano Doce (Original Mix)
10 Need to Learn – Old To The Nu (Outro)
11 Aesthetics (Dub)
12 It’s My Turn (Dub)
13 Lady In Fishnets (Dub)
14 Mi Nah Chase Pum Pum (Dub)

‘TruSkool’ will be released on October 7th 2016 on Magnetic Recordings.



One of dance music’s most outspoken voices, DJ Sneak has in recent times built up a renown for an often scathing critique of his peers, dividing opinion in the process. A recent post about Fabric, along with an explanatory follow up, caused a stir of controversy over the Bank Holiday weekend, and whilst we have very different views about the troubled London club, it’s impossible to dispute Sneak’s importance to dance music.