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    DJ Sneak's Birthday Beats with Mark Farina and Amine Edge & DANCE

    DJ Sneak’s Birthday Beats with Mark Farina and Amine Edge & DANCE

    The original house gangster’s birthday with Mark Farina and Amine Edge & DANCE was a night of epic proportions!

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    Pacha Insane 2013 Closes with Sneak, Derrick Carter & Mark Farina

    Pacha Insane 2013 Closes with Sneak, Derrick Carter & Mark Farina

    Essential Ibiza headed down to Insane for the 2013 closing party at Pacha, Ibiza. Making their third appearance of the summer were DJ Sneak, Derrick Carter and Mark Farina in their back-to-back-to-back formation.

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    Insane Night At Carl Cox's 12th Space Residency Ending Party

    Insane Night At Carl Cox’s 12th Space Residency Ending Party

    An article by Essential Ibiza on the insane party celebrating the end of Carl Cox’s 12th residency at Space!

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    Sneak, Carter & Farina return to Pacha

    Sneak, Carter & Farina return to Pacha

    Following their set at the opening of Pacha, the three Chicago legends Sneak, Derrick Carter and Mark Farina returned to Pacha on 26th July for another back-to-back-to-back set. DJ Mag were there to check out the action.

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    Sneak's Eats - Ibiza BBQ Review

    Sneak’s Eats – Ibiza BBQ Review

    Following the runaway success of 2012′s Circoloco grill-off where Sneak went head to head with Seth Troxler and crew, 2013 saw the charcoal coming out again at Raco for a mini festival of good food, good people and of course good beats. Essential Ibiza went down to check it out and wrote this review…

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    Pacha Ibiza Opening with DJ Sneak, Derrick Carter & Mark Farina

    Pacha Ibiza Opening with DJ Sneak, Derrick Carter & Mark Farina

    Musically, Pacha have pitched up their music policy this year with a number of fresh, forward thinking ideas but not forgetting the roots of House Music. The Opening night was no other than Chicago House Legends DJ Sneak : Mark Farina : Derrick Carter playing b2b

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    Diggin’ Deep: A short film about DJ Sneak

    DJSounds.com followed DJ Sneak throughout his summer in Ibiza to dig deeper and find out where his unique sound and gangster outlook come from, speaking to the man himself and those that know him best.

    The short film features Sneak at Space, Pacha, Tomorrowland, Ushuaia, Underground, on a boat and in the heart of Ibiza Town for a street party, meanwhile Locodice, Carl Cox, Nightmares on Wax, Yousef, Darius Syrossian, Mo’ Funk and Joeski all share their love for the House Gangster.

    So for the next twenty, kick back, and enjoy some heavy beats, grooves, grilling, and of course a whole load of jacking.

    I’m A House Gangster: 1 For Da Clowns


    “They don’t even come to see the circus, they come to see the clowns.”

    After another hectic season in Ibiza, DJ Sneak is back in the studio and on top form, with a typically strong message for the House genre and clubbing.

    1 For Da Clowns wears the I’m A House Gangster ethos on it’s sleeve, with a spoken word from Sneak talking about his drives and approach to DJing, looking past the bullsh!t hype and doing what’s true to the music. The production is classic Sneak and classic Chicago – a fearsome jacking beat underpins a relentless funky loop that breaks into some cheeky fairground fun.

    Baile Del Payaso Infeliz sees Sneak dive into heads-down territory, with his mad percussion skills swirling around the deep, gritty and chugging groove.

    Available at Beatport and Stompy.

    DJ Sneak enters the BBC Radio 1 Hall Of Fame

    Sneak speaks to legendary DJ and radio presenter Pete Tong as he enters BBC Radio 1′s Hall Of Fame.

    DJ Sneak’s Exploited Podcast

    To accompany Sneak’s new release with Murk on Exploited, here’s a podcast he has put together for the label featuring a bunch of new bits and a tribute to the late, great Frankie Knuckles.  You can also download it free from iTunes. (more…)


    Sneak Vinylcast 10

    Episode 10 of DJ Sneak’s Vinylcast sees us travelling all the way back to 2001 with a nostalgic set from the original House Gangster, recorded live at Motor in the motor city Detroit.

    Looking back and speaking about the time, Sneak said, “The music was better period. Records meant something more than just a fad.”

    The Vinylcast by DJ Sneak is a real treat for House-Heads as one of the scene’s pioneers digs deep in the vaults to unearth classic mixes from a very memorable time in electronic music, this was a time when DJ’s showed their skills on vinyl and it is that raw unprocessed sound that you will experience here. This podcast series features live recordings from clubs, festivals and private events from around the world and will also have Sneak sharing some of his memories about these times. The super-exclusive mixes have been digitized from tapes held in Sneak’s archives and are now finally being released for all to enjoy. As always, expect the finest in real, raw, jacking, underground House music.

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    Sneak Budcast 10

    Sneak’s set recorded in Swindon, UK, is the focus of episode 10 of the Budcast. Almost three hours of raw, Jacking House music from the maestro.

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    DJ Sneak - Vinylcast Episode 9

    Recorded live in 2002, episode 9 of the Vinylcast shows Sneak laying it down for 2 hours 45 minutes at Comfort Zone in Toronto.

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