Stretford Dogs Club: Dogcast 17 – DJ Sneak

Check out the new mix recorded for the Manchester based Stretford Dogs Club podcast – 2+ hours of pure house music.

In the words of the Dog Club:
“Ever since I got into this thing we call House Music in the early 90s and right through to now, there’s been a handful of ever present DJs producing quality and consistency for 20 years+. DJs that have kept to their sound and kept pushing it, when others have gone for the sell out route. These DJs are part of a very small and unique group, almost an illuminati of House Music, and DJ Sneak is one of them.

“Even moreso recently, the House Gangster has been leading the underground revolution against well, we all know who. I think I’d rather not mention their names on what’s a credible underground House Music page and concentrate on what’s more important, the music and the mixes.

“I’ve literally been waiting for this mix for the past few months and Sneaks professionalism and insistence that he “didn’t want to give me a road mix” and wanted it to be “made at home” and “special” probably make this mix as anticipated as any mix on the Dogcast so far. He was even humble in the fact that he wanted to “deliver a dope mix but it’ll be tough following a master like Doc Martin.””

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