DJ Sneaks talks to Meoko

DJ Sneak recently talked to the Meoko website about his introduction to House music, influences, his definition of house music and the future.

When did your love affair with house music begin?

It started as soon as I landed in Chicago in 1983 to a very cold and snowy winter. I came from a tropical paradise to cold and winter. I had never seen snow so, as you can imagine, I wasn’t too keen on spending my time outdoors. There was really nothing to do but watch TV or listen to the radio, I tuned in to a few radio stations that really opened my ears to the new sound and they were just calling it house, short for Warehouse Music. It really was a turning point at a young age. I was 13 years old.

Can you remember when you first heard house and how it made you feel?

It was like nothing I had heard in Puerto Rico, what I loved about it was the beats rolling through, mixed from one to another, with almost no talking and no real singing on tracks, this was helpful ’cause I spoke no English. House music was pure and young like me, we partnered up right away and music was the only thing I would focus on, it kept me sane during the cold Chicago winters.

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