Robsoul: Best Of Robsoul – DJ Sneak [review from The Underground]

August 17th 2012. Mark the date in your diary to get your hands on the ultimate collection of Sneak tracks released on Robsoul Recordings. Phil Weeks’ Parisian house imprint are releasing a monster 6 album series which also features DJ W!LD, Chris Carrier, Joss Moog, Fries & Bridges and Phil Weeks himself, alongside DJ Sneak. Sneak’s installment will be the second in the series and includes the following 9 tracks:

01. Funky Rhythm
02. Boogie Alright
03. Bridgin’ The Gap
04. How I Feel
05. This Way
06. El Groover
07. Salsa Elektrika
08. Move Your Butt
09. Inside

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Here’s a review from blog site The Underground

Moving on from last weeks feature on the ‘Best Of Robsoul’ series: Chris Carrier edition, this week things move hip groovingly upwards, as the next artist on the list takes up the torch for Robsoul.

And what an artist it is.

House legend extraordinaire DJ Sneak provides a decidedly upbeat profile for his interpretation, supplying nine tracks – all of which throb with the funky, boogie, salsa lead tech sound that DJ Sneak has developed.

‘Funky Rhythm’ kicks off proceedings, with a vocal lead narrative that slowly inducts the listener into Sneaks way. The original definitely defeats the Fries & Bridges remix that was released last year on Robsoul’s ‘Underground Chronicles Vol 3’.

The next track – ‘Boogie Alright’ – holds its own jam, giving developing beats that lead into a sunshine drenched house melee. This is in a comparison to the next track, ‘Bridgin’ The Gap’ which hits back to a more Chicago sound that DJ Sneak has been influenced by.

Then comes a complete break in sound, for ‘How I Feel’ which has a playful back beat and strikes with illustration through music. The melody is different, and definitely creative.

‘This Way’ reverts back to the previous familiar beats, again providing sunshine and happiness through music. The sound is streamlined, and gives a heartwarming, hugging feeling, as though you have heard it before and have definitely liked it. This is also the case for ‘El Groover’, which supplies as the title suggests. Lovely house licks are laid over a punchy beat: yet again the familiarity you feel is striking.

‘Salsa Elektrika’ is an upbeat salsa fine production, and acts as a great filler between bigger beats – such as the next grandeur track – ‘Move Your Butt’, which after many listens you realise, takes a lyrical sample from the cheeky ‘Thong Song’ by Sisqo. Don’t let this be off-putting however – the style in which Sneak has undertaken the sample is skillful, and shows his genre hopping finesse.

Last up is ‘Inside’, which delves into deeper shades of house. It is rhythmical and stands on its own against the other releases.

Overall, DJ Sneak provides a warped aspect to an essentially classic sound. He has brought together his influences and gives an album with the respect that is associated with his own name.

Best Of Robsoul: DJ Sneak is out on 17th August 2012.

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