Lucky Life TV preview video

This mini feature shows Lucky Life TV’s week with Woolhouse Studio’s in Ibiza and gives a sneak preview of the full length artist interviews, and in depth behind the scenes feature coming soon on Lucky Life TV. We’re delighted that that Sneak is one of the artists they will feature.

About the Lucky Life TV project:
What was only a dream and an idea between Charlie Chester of Essential Ibiza and Emma J from Woolhouse Studios last summer, very quickly turned into into a full blown production after joining forces with Lucky Life TV. Lucky Life TV and Essential Ibiza brought the renowned Artist Photography Studio: ‘Woolhouse Studios’ out from London for an exciting week of DJ and Artist Shoots in 3 special locations across Ibiza.

Emma J and Stefan Sieler from Woolhouse Studios flew out compliments of British Airways and were accommodated in style all week at Hotel Es Vive. Over the week Woolhouse shot 10 different artists, creating a collection of studio quality press photographs. Each artist was interviewed by Mike Parry from Lucky Life TV about their summer in Ibiza, what’s happening in the Electronic Dance Music Scene while the Lucky Life Crew followed the highlights and going’s on behind the scenes throughout the shoot. Essential Ibiza were there to capture the moments and share this great story with Ibiza.

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