Magnetic Mag review Camoflaug3’s ‘Fake DJ’ (DJ Sneak Remix)

The excellent Magnetic Mag review ‘Fake DJ’ by Camoflaug3, featuring the DJ Sneak mix everyone is talking about:

Could this new piece of new electronic music be any more timely? Given deadmau5’s PR blunder “We All Hit Play,” the Sneak and Angello battle about “real” DJing, A-Trak chiming in on the DJ debate with this “Don’t Push My Buttons,” article, etc. it’s a bit surprising that it took someone as long as it did to come up with a song that captures what’s happening in EDM culture right now.

We got an anonymous email a few minutes ago simply titled, “Stop Fake DJs” with two Soundcloud links. Of course we had to click on them. And we’re glad we did.

“Fake DJ” is a sonic retort to all the talk going on right now about what it means to be a real DJ. There’s an original mix (more suited for the big room house dancefloors and a DJ Sneak version that takes cues from the sounds in Chicago and New York that we’re happening back in the day… which also happens to be my personal favorite of the two.

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