Desolat: DJ Sneak – Necessary Evils

Review from Juno Download:
“Not much has changed in DJ Sneak’s inimitable world since he emerged in the mid-90s. He still has a love of sampling catchy piano solos – audible on “Evil Women” – and as most of the tracks on Necessary Evils demonstrate, he does filtered disco house better than anyone else. However, this release for Loco Dice’s label also signals that a number of changes are afoot. Apart from the decidedly un-PC track titles – “Beat Some Sense Into You”, anyone? – Sneak’s production sounds smoother and slicker. The drums and pulsing bass on “Women” are devoid of the rawness that characterised his 90s releases, while “Assault on You” heralds a new-found fascination with techno, as dark chords are combined with an evil rave horn.”

Available from:
Juno Records (vinyl)
Decks (vinyl)

Juno Download

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