Necessary Evils reviewed by The Underground

This review was published a couple of months ago, but we only recently discovered it, and it’s well worth another look/listen/read. Thank you to The Underground and Amy Peat for the words…

When it comes to attempting to produce electronic music, anyone could lay their hands on the equipment to do it. But, to produce a track with stature, a track worthy of worldwide plays and one to make even the finest house connoisseur sit up and listen – there’s only one thing worth having, and that is experience.

And, not many DJ’s can boast the amount of experience that DJ Sneak can.

After 20 years in the business, DJ Sneak is still hot on the production scene and still one of the most well respected and in demand DJ’s – a true ‘House Gangster’.

It is therefore safe to say that excitement levels are high for his latest EP – his first to be released on a similarly respected label – Desolat.

Featuring four tracks, ‘Necessary Evils’ provides a nastily great look at upbeat house and techno, starting with the aptly named ‘Evil Wemen’.

A masterful wall of sound, this track delights with a recurrent build – forming musical patterns that only a skilled craftsman could create.

‘Nobody Better’ is again crafted with delight, beginning to build up tension and tempo to great heights. This morphs into sections of release, where you can catch your breath and prepare for the next audible onslaught.

The ambush continues with the ‘Poundin’ Mix’ of ‘Assault On You’. The title here is certainly irrefutable, as an attack of vocal, reverb, beat, bass and effect all congeal to an impressive whole.

Finishing off the barrage of pleasurable musical evil is ‘Beat Some Sense Into You’ – which proves to be as beautifully brutal as its title. Definitely skimming the house/techno line, it drives with statuesque beats.

DJ Sneak has managed to achieve an EP with dizzying effects. After listening you find yourself breathing a huge sigh of contentment, and then go on to listen again and again. Simply breathtaking.

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