The Great DC10 Grill-Off 2012 [+ live victory mix from DJ Sneak]

Hit play to hear DJ Sneak playing the final Circoloco set on the island, awarded for triumphing in the Grill-Off, then read on for the full details…

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It’s fair to say that Ibiza is regarded as the clubbing capital of the world right? All the major club brands are on the island, some of the most famous venues in clubland are here and every DJ/ producer on the planet strives to play for the partisan crowds that fill these same venues. So, the island is all about the music right? Wrong! There is so much more to the island and today couldn’t underline that any more if it tried. It’s Monday afternoon so naturally we’re on our way to DC10, to Circo Loco, the most underground of parties where top class DJs regularly do battle but today’s DJ battle is unlike any that has taken place in the venue in all its years. Today, DJ Sneak, Seth Troxler, Lee Curtiss and Ryan Crosson are going head to head in a BBQ cook off, it’s Grilla Loco! (Thanks George NOW)

It’s two thirty in the afternoon; the sun is baking hot as we arrive in the DC10 car park and the cook-off has already begun. Jamie Jones arrives at the same time, clearly keen to catch his peers swapping tunes for sauces as they take on mixing of a completely different kind. The outdoor area behind the Terrace is the place and two BBQ stations have been set up at opposite ends, facing each other. The Visionquest boys have gone for the state of the art gas Barbie complete with chrome case for their utensils while Sneak, the original house gangster, is cooking over hot coals, old school stylee, with a giant cleaver for cutting! The food prep has gone on in the days leading up to the cook-off, sauces have been prepared – Sneak even has I’m A House Gangster stickers on his bottles, while Seth Troxler has prepared his family recipe, passed down from his Grandfather. Meat has been marinated, all sorts of sausages have been prepared and the food is grilling!

There are clear camps beginning to form as the Martinez Brothers line up behind Sneak while Luciano is behind the Visionquest BBQ checking out the food. It’s clear theses guys are taking it very seriously as the banter starts flying back and forward between the two grills, the food, when it arrives, is amazing. Two slightly different styles and flavours but both clearly accomplished grillers! In the end, when all the votes are tallied, there is clearly only one winner, us! As another flight roars above coming in to land, it’s time to pack up the grills as the beats kick in from the Terrace and the club opens for the most celebrated Monday party on the planet. Having had so much fun, been well fed and watered, it would be rude to just leave, so we decide to kick on and get involved!

The line up for this weeks Circo Loco is packed with talent, featuring the likes of Tania Vulcano, Sossa, Soul Bros (Soul Clap & Martinez Brothers), Ryan Crossan, Cesar Merville, Jamie Jones, Seth Troxler, Mirko Loko, Rene, Subb Ann, Lee Curtiss, Laura Jones, Dan Ghenacia, Anthony Collins, Shaun Reeves, Lee Burridge, Seuil, Shonky and DJ Sneak! The only downside is that we can only be in one place at a time, meaning we were going to be forced to miss out on some of the performances. Sossa opens the terrace while Rene warms up in the main room, we opt for the terrace as Tania Vulcano comes on and immediately captures the floor, which, by this time, is almost full. The light is still coming through the windows giving it an unusual glow, this is normally the darkest of the dark spaces, partying on a Monday afternoon is definitely the only way to start your week! Tania has played a big part in the musical success of the club over the years and as she builds her set effortlessly, she has the ever-growing crowd in the palm of her hand. A Circo Loco veteran, she knows exactly how to get the crowd involved and by the time she hands over to the Soul Bros (Martinez Brothers and Soul Clap) the atmosphere is electric. It’s a day of collaborations as Cynce Soul Clap joins the Martinez Brothers in tearing up the terrace. There’s almost as much dancing in the booth as there is on the floor now and that’s saying something, given that there’s not an inch of space left on the floor, the room is packed. In fact, at this point, the whole club is packed and rocking. This is without doubt one of the biggest success stories on the island over the last decade or so.

In the main room things are really hotting up as Dan Ghenacia and Anthony Collins deliver a chunky soundtrack, much to the delight of the capacity crowd. Even the garden area is full, as we head outside for a quick breather before hitting the terrace once again. Jamie Jones is in charge of the terrace booth now and to say the room is going off may be the understatement of the year! We head through to the scene of the cook off earlier in the day and catch up with some friends. It’s a facefest of Ibiza people, all taking advantage of some free time after their season to come down and check out Circo Loco; Pete Tong finished his run on Friday and instead of putting his feet up and enjoying some down time, he’s right in the thick of the party. James Zabiela can be seen wandering around, Deepgroove are also in attendance, it seems like the rest of the island might be completely deserted tonight!

We decide to take in DJ Sneak in the main room before calling it a night, not the easiest journey through a sea of people but the great thing about DC10 is that everyone is so friendly. Smiley faces are in abundance as we make our way across the dancefloor and into the main room, where Sneak is holding court. Jackin house is the order of the day and whether the man is in front of a mixing desk or a BBQ, he has a commanding presence. I hope the roof is firmly fixed or else we are losing it tonight, the atmosphere is as good as anything i have encountered in more than a few years clubbing. In what feels like a blink of an eye, the lights are up and we’re headed for the car park. An amazing day, that started with an unlikely cook off and finished with a musical masterclass is finally over, completely satisfied with our lot we leave the madness that is Circo Loco and return to the real world, but not without massive grins etched across our faces, safe in the knowledge that there is still the closing party to come on October 8, see you down the front!

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