Revisited – Pimp Jackson Is Talking Now (DJ Sneak’s Southside Pimp Remix)

Thanks to Robert Tellier at for digging in their crates for this one…

“Today I’m bringing back a remix track from 2008, Loco Dice – Pimp Jackson Is Talkin’ Now!!! (DJ Sneak’s Southside Pimp Remix), which was released on Dice’s label Desolat. If you aren’t up to date then you should know that OneBeat is on the Richie Hawtin CNTRL Tour. Richie has brought long time friend to join the tour, Loco Dice and just last week, Hawtin also invited DJ Sneak to hop on board.

“Back in October of 2008 Loco Dice released original track “Pimp Jackson Is Talking Now!!!”, and the track turned out to be a great success. Luciano and DJ Sneak both created remixes of the track, however today I want to bring attention to the DJ Sneak remix.

“The track is unquestionably inspired by his Hip Hop origins as it gives that old school flavor. The best part is DJ Sneak is clearly also Hip Hop oriented and this collaboration couldn’t have been better. Sneak drops in some horns and takes away a bit of the dark rhythm. He adds a Chicago groove and definitely picks up the beat.

“This track is most definitely underground to the core!”

Available at Beatport

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