Magnetic: DJ Sneak / DJ Soydan – House Khan Chieftan EP

Available at: Beatport

DJ Sneak and DJ Soydan. Old-school and new-school. House legend and young pretender to the throne. It’s a pretty tasty collaboration. Following 2010’s ‘The Latin Kardes EP’ on Soydan’s Yakuza imprint, the pair team up again, this time on Sneak’s heavy hitting Magnetic for a six track EP of Chicago-inspired jazzy, jacking beats. The collaboration is testament to Sneak’s passion to support both the underground and the stars of the future.

Very little needs to be explained about DJ Sneak. As one of the second wave influential House producers coming out of Chicago in the early 1990’s, Sneak has continued to represent the cities pure, jacking sound at the highest levels. In a recent interview, while in Ibiza for the summer season, Sneak said he was currently experiencing his “4th wind”, as a result of sticking to his beliefs and not pandering to current trends. At the top of his game again with this EP he rounds off a highly impressive year in perfect style.

While being born in Germany and now being based in Waterford, Ireland, Soydan’s roots are in Turkey. His musical influences are firmly rooted in Chicago and DJ/Producers like Gemini, Derrick Carter and of course DJ Sneak. After setting up Yakuza Recordings in 2006, Soydan quickly found favour with other Chicago jocks including Mark Farina and DJ Heather, who licensed his tracks, and he has gone on to work with some of the scenes top labels, including Guesthouse, Shak and Maracuja.

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