Essential Ibiza’s Christmas Crackers Interview with DJ Sneak

Words and interview from Essential Ibiza

DJ Sneak is no stranger to Ibiza; he has been a regular visitor for as long as he can remember. Summer 2012 saw him spend the full season on the island, playing regularly for many of the bigger parties. He was a regular at DC10, making several appearances throughout the season, as well as gracing the Basement of new underground sensation Sankeys.

Ibiza 2012 also seen the giant beat maker swap the studio for the grill and his headphones for some tongs as he took part in Circo Loco’s cook off against the new wave in the shape of the Visionquest crew, showing that they are all equally creative away from the DJ booth, feeding more than a few friends along the way! The original house gangster is never afraid to speak his mind and tell it like it is, so we thought we’d catch up with him and look back on Ibiza 2012 as well as find out what he has planned for 2013, making him the latest in our Christmas Cracker series…

You made a huge impact in Ibiza this summer, playing for many of the bigger parties, what made you decide to dedicate much of your summer to the island?
I have spent many days on the island dreaming about the possibilities of one day staying there as a resident. Every time I go there I often find myself picking up on what’s going on and it seems like the time is right for DJ Sneak to rise and be part of the big party.

Is Ibiza still the place to road test new tunes?
Absolutely, it’s a place to test many things, but musically Yes, Ibiza has a very live audience with direct feedback, which is always great.

What is it about the Ibiza crowd that makes it a pleasure to play in front of them?
Pretty much everything. Ibiza often brings the best of the best but also new punters that are looking for direction musically, I get to play for many parties and events, big and small, which allows me to convince new kids about my style of music and vibe. I love pleasing the old school crowd but it’s also a great vibe to see the younger generation enjoying what you’re laying down.

Which parties stuck out for you throughout this summer?
I have to admit, most were at DC10 with Circo Loco, I ended up playing 8 gigs there this summer and I think this year was probably their best summer yet. There were also other gigs where I really got to showcase my sound and felt the love, like Sankeys, this venue has a very great sound system plus they allow me to play longer sets, which I love.

What is it about the island that still inspires you?
The island itself is alive, every time I land there is an instant feeling of inspiration I get, whether it’s playing tunes, listening to tunes, exploring the island, enjoying a day at the beach or BBQing for mates, I am always feeling the vibe. I have been visiting this island for close to 20 years and have always known it was magical. If you learn to fit in and allow it to embrace your good vibes it will take you to blissful moments.

You’ve been a regular visitor over the years, what has been the biggest development you’ve noticed on the island in that time?
Better Internet, actual motorways, everything is bigger but not necessary the best. I do miss the things that first drew me there, like all day, open air after hour parties for example. In terms of clubs and music, well it has gone through many changes, like it always does, but I still feel there is hope for a better way of clubbing without so much commercial music and so many VIP things that often make it not cool.

What was your highlight of the summer?
There were quite a few! I loved all the great DJ sets but I also loved being able to flex my cooking skills and feed many people on the island with some Sneak Cuisine – No hype, all flavour. I know you guys got to enjoy the DC10 grill-off and even though no one actually announced who the winner was, we all know who is the GRILL GANGSTER!

What do you get up to in the winter?
I try to enjoy some well earned time off the road while doing as many trax and mixes as I can, the winter brings the best of me in the studio cause it’s cold here in Toronto so this keeps me focused on the beats. I also use the winter months to plan the new year with the best possible ideas for the brand and DJ Sneak.

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