DJ Sneak Interviewed by The Sun for We Are FSTVL


Following yesterday’s update about DJ Sneak being interviewed by The Sun newspaper, he’s back in Britain’s favourite daily again! This time Terry Farley chats to Sneak (and a number of other DJs) ahead of the We Are FSTVL event coming up in May.

Read Sneak’s responses below, and the full article here.

How was 2012 for you?
2012 was a great year indeed, I had an amazing run with loads of gigs & music released plus remix work. I think all around it was a well-balanced year and a very successful one, but nothing could have topped the last day of 2012, on December 31st I welcomed my son to the word! What better way to end the year than with the birth of a happy and healthy baby. I am feeling very blessed.

We Are FSTVL is launching in May in Essex (just outside London), the line-up is a real who’s who of the House and Techno scene – do you think it’s time London had more festivals leaned towards House & Techno?
I know London is in a changing period, 2012 had a lot of great events not only for the regulars but for new comers looking for something fresh and exciting. I welcome better events, I welcome more parties that want real DJs and real ground-breaking music whether it be Techno or House.

What one thing would you like to see happen to improve the current scene?
I believe things are already in motion for changes all around the globe. I know in England the Warehouse Party theme is really kicking off, things are improving in general and I really think people are starting to pay more attention to what they support. I want to believe that the crowd is starting to pay attention to the quality of the music and this is a very good thing. If quality music and talented DJs are at the forefront, then more power to new promoters, new clubbers & a new scene that allows these types of events to grow. I’m happy to be part of a few different scenes that have welcomed me into their events, always grateful to be able to play alongside talent and quality.

Will the shadow of EDM with its vast wealth threaten the real club culture we have loved for the last 25 plus years?
I don’t care about EDM, it is just another fad that will die out, and if we’re all lucky this will happen sooner than later. I had my days of talking about it but now it all seems really cheesy, short lived and not worth my energy. I truly believe that there are enough people out there who know, respect and care about the culture that it will never die. There any many people whose lives have been shaped and moulded by an amazing experience or event that was created by this culture and it is these very people who will keep the culture alive and well. We have been here and WILL be here after EDM.

What is your fave club/party that you have played at and why (ie. crowd/sound/reaction)
I would have to say DC10 in Ibiza – main room. I love that system, the space and the sound. I had the pleasure of playing that room a bunch of times in 2012 and it was great.”

It’s been a fantastic 2012 for all the DJs and Artists about to appear at FSTVL, and 2013 looks even bigger and better. Finally, what they you looking for this year music wise?
Honestly? I want people to challenge their so-called skills to give ‘punters’ what they want, not some boring ass set that they played the night before. I think we all need some fresh air to survive the changes in technology & the DJ culture. In music I am looking for the same, better produced music instead of music for the charts, make something with meaning not something to hit the charts to make you feel special.

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