Review of DJ Sneak & Doc Martin at Sound, Hollywood [April 2013]

Sound Nightclub - Hollywood

Max Engoian represented recently when Sneak and Doc Martin teamed up to play Sound Nightclub in Hollywood.  His review appears on BPM.

New clubs are a big deal in Hollywood because they’re the best places to see and be seen. One of the newest to join Hollywood’s nightlife elite is the underground Sound Nightclub, where Deep House rules until 4am on Friday nights. BPM headed to Sound last Friday to see legends Doc Martin and DJ Sneak blow our mind.

Tearing away the normal design of a nightclub is a risky maneuver, but putting the DJ in the middle of the club is even riskier – people aren’t known for being the wisest when they’ve been pounding drinks from bottle service. By embracing the closeness, Sound achieves an intimacy that other nightclubs lack; removing the frontstage/backstage routine that normally separates you from the DJ. The private, underground feel of the club is furthered by its dark ambience, seductive dancers in cages, pulsing lights, and glimpses of beautiful faces on the dance floor. When you combine that with a serious sound system and underground marvels Doc Martin and DJ Sneak, you get a taste of what a real House nightclub is all about.

Sneak & Doc Martin at Mint Warehouse, Leeds

It’s possible that the question “Who?” passed through your mind when I mentioned the lineup – and that’s OK, we’re not here to judge. You should know Doc Martin and DJ Sneak aren’t in for the big name fame game; they’re in for the music. They are part of the genesis of what we call House music, hearkening back to the old-school clubbing that wasn’t about the name of the DJ but about the groove of the music. When Doc Martin took the stage his expertise shined, playing grooves with strong bass, snips of vocals, and danceable songs blending into one magical journey. DJ Sneak followed and it was immediately apparent that he knows House music like you know your right hand. The Puerto Rican maestro subtly kept the beat moving with strategic high-passes and low-passes, introducing new song elements without anyone knowing. In effect, if you weren’t paying full attention, DJ Sneak played one long awesome song. Between the two artists I tried to keep count of how many songs I knew – the total tally came to ZERO. I was happily schooled by two of the best in the game.

If you love old-school, underground House music and a true underground atmosphere in Hollywood, take an opportunity to go to Sound in Hollywood.

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