How Daft Punk scored their first record deal

daft punk - homework

With all the (deserved) hype around Daft Punk’s new album, MySpace decided to shine a spotlight on their debut album Homework from 1997, and interviewed Stuart McMillan from Slam and Soma Recordings who released the duo’s first work, including a number of tracks that made it onto Homework. It’s a great read and highlights the influence that artists and DJs such as Sneak and Cajmere had on the robotic superstars.

“When we heard the material at first we were like, this is pretty different stuff. Even different from what Daft Punk eventually made or became known for, because initially the tracks were pretty banging techno. What a lot of people don’t remember or mention too much was around that time we had a lot of European techno, but there was also the music coming from Detroit and a big Chicago house movement.

“So initially, the influences were probably more leaning towards the techno. But at the same time, house and techno sort of became synonymous with each other. You were getting Chicago guys banging out rhythmic tracks. They were big fans of DJ Sneak and Cajmere and all those guys as well. If you listen to Homework or you listen to a lot of the early Daft Punk records, they have a big Chicago house sense to them as well.”

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