Sneak’s Eats – Ibiza BBQ Review

DJ Sneak - Ibiza Raco BBQ

Following the runaway success of 2012’s Circoloco grill-off where Sneak went head to head with Seth Troxler and crew, 2013 saw the charcoal coming out again at Raco for a mini festival of good food, good people and of course good beats. Essential Ibiza went down to check it out…

DJ Sneak - Raco Ibiza BBQ 2013

Ibiza can be a crazy place, especially in the height and heat of the month of August. Parties are coming thick and fast and the people that make sure that you can get your groove on are often out playing four or five nights a week until the very early hours before getting up and getting on with their day. It an amazing thing to be involved in but there is no doubt that it can take its toll. What do the DJs, promoters and workers who graft their asses off to make sure you have the best holiday get up to when they get a chance to unwind? If they have any sense at all, they get themselves an invite to DJ Sneaks BBQ! It’s Tuesday afternoon and we are headed into the heart of the Ibiza countryside, to Raco, a cool residence where some of the hard working people of the island have pitched up to relax, eat some great food and enjoy each others company.

Sneak showed his BBQ prowess last summer when he took the Cook Off at Circo Loco by storm, delivering a meat feast for the good people in Circo Loco terrace prior to the club opening. No fancy new fangled grills for the big man, straight up fire pit and grill and a batch of his own sauces and the food was amazing. This time round, as we land at Raco, he has what can best be described as a DJ booth, set up in the shade of the trees to the right of the garden when you enter Raco. At closer inspection, there are no beats being dropped but he is presiding over a huge grill, helped by Alex Wolfenden, where some meat, sausages, chicken wings and peppers and other veggies are grilling away. The smell is amazing! At the far end of the garden the makeshift bar is doing a bomb on cold beer as the temperature gauge threatens to explode and the actual DJ booth is manned by Negghead, dropping some old school hip-hop and funk and soul, giving the get together a very cool, laidback sound track.

DJ Sneak - Raco Ibiza BBQ 2013

It’s a real DJs convention with Steve Lawler, Loco Dice, DJ E.A.S.E, Clara Da Costa, Jo Mills, Andy Baxter, Elio Riso, Matt Playford, Ken Fan and Mo’ Funk amongst the spinners taking a well earned break while the original house gangster gets his cook on. Mambo is well represented as April and Piers enjoy some great grub and the Lucky Life crew finally takes some time for themselves, but not before admitting they have two shoots on the go at that very point in time, no rest for the wicked! It’s a great spot, a million miles (not literally) from the hustle and bustle of the main resorts where you can normally find these guys doing their thing and there is a real sense of community, like we’re all in the middle of this crazy season, doing our bit as we work through it and loving every part of it, but that we wouldn’t be anywhere else on the island this particular afternoon.

Sneak and Alex do a sterling job, ably helped by their better halves, Melissa and Emily respectively, as well as a handful of other volunteers who get involved to make sure the BBQ runs smoothly and everyone gets a chance to sample some of the great food. As the food coma’s set in, the hammocks dotted around the garden become fully occupied. The beats are still on a cool tip as Mo’ Funk takes over deck duty and groups form all around the venue as people catch up, discuss the hot topics of the day or just shoot the breeze as the amazing smell from the BBQ lingers. Getting together with people you don’t have a chance to really catch up with during the madness of the season is a great release, it’s good for the soul and doing it in an environment such as this one is priceless, it’s a rare Ibiza moment await from the four four beat and dark room or glittering lasers and outdoor stages, it’s real life. Hats off to Papa and Mama Sosa for making us a part of their extended family, feeding us and making us feel right at home.

DJ Sneak - Raco Ibiza BBQ 2013

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