DJ Sneak’s BBQ & Beats with Lucky Life TV

– With Loco Dice!

After the success of last year’s BBQ cook-off with Seth Troxler at DC-10 where Sneak came out victorious, the grill master once again fired up the charcoals and marinaded some tasty meats at Raco for a relaxed afternoon of food, drink and good people. Several of the island’s favorite DJs were enjoying some of the House Gangster’s first class cooking, including Steve Lawler, Loco Dice, DJ E.A.S.E, Clara Da Costa, Jo Mills, Andy Baxter, Elio Riso, Matt Playford, Ken Fan and Mo’ Funk. Mo’ Funk and Negghead graciously provided the lip smackin’ tunes for the day, allowing the rest of us to kick back and enjoy the sun. Big thanks to Sneak and everyone else who pitched in. Already looking forward to Sneak’s Eats 2014!

Mike Parry from Lucky Life TV catches up with DJ Sneak, House Gangster at his legendary Ibiza BBQ & Beats at a special gem of a location, hidden away from the madness, and a perfect setting for what Sneak had in store for his guests.

Listen in here as Sneak shares some background on whats going on in the House Gangster world, the famous grills and whats been happening for him in Ibiza this summer!

A Lucky Life Production
Produced & Presented by Mike Parry, Filmed by Benji Snow, Edited by Carlos Valeros
Soundtrack: DJ Sneak & Ramon Tapia – Latino Combo – Unreleased

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