DJ Sneak at ADE’s Annual Cook-off [interview]

DJ Sneak - ADE cook-off 2013

DJ Sneak spoke with Jonty Skrufff about his imminent appearance in the annual ADE cook-off

Infamous for both his Twitter beefs and passion for real house music, DJ Sneak will be turning up the heat in the kitchen at ADE’s annual cook-off this week, when he takes on Ali Tiefschwarz, Tom Trago, Miss Nine and arch-rival superstar DJ/ potential culinary nemesis Seth Troxler.

While Seth has won ADE’s keenly fought over Cook-off for the last two years running (beating off stiff competition from chefs Joris Voorn, Laidback Luke, Nina Kraziz and Dubfire) the Visionquest visionary lost out to Sneak in a controversial BBQ competition last summer and Sneak says he’s ‘very confident’ he’ll do it again.

“It’s time for skills to do the talking,” he declares.

“I am confident in my flavours,”(his top secret ingredient is cilantro (coriander)”, he reveals “And confident in my presentation. I’m ready to bring the heat!”

Cook-off co-host Jonty Skrufff asked him (via email) about exactly how he’s planning to win . . .

Skrufff: How much are you actively preparing/ practicing for the Cook-off?

DJ Sneak: “I don’t need practice, just time to prep my vegetables n things.”

Skrufff: What recipe do you have planned?

DJ Sneak: “Puerto Rican food.”

Skrufff: How confident are you that you can win?

DJ Sneak: “Very confident.”

Skrufff: Why?

DJ Sneak: “Because I know what I’m doing.”

Skrufff: And how scared (if at all?) should the other chefs be?

DJ Sneak: “The chefs should not be scared at all , just ready to have a fun time while cooking for friends and fans. I am all good with everybody but one.”

Any plans to include any cheese elements in your dish? How keen are you generally on cheese?

DJ Sneak: “No cheese in this dish, cheese is for Swedish DJs.”

Skrufff: What about technology in the kitchen: do you own a microwave (and use it much?)

DJ Sneak: “I don’t microwave, that is NOT cooking. I am actually bringing my favorite rice cooking pot, it will travel with me and help me smash some good rice.”

Skrufff: How about food mixers and push button blenders: any preferences for handheld traditional devices?

DJ Sneak: “This is a dumb question but to answer it NO SYNC functions will be used. I will come correct, true, authentic and ready to do business. With food or music, I’m not in it to fake it.”

Skrufff: What qualities distinguish a great chef from a good one?

DJ Sneak: “The ones that take risks and come with confidence, a chef that wants to create new things by trying things out. Sort of like the way I make music and DJ, I’m always daring to take risks while I do what I love. Cooking has the same effect on me, a good chef is one with passion in his heart and love for the skill of making great food.”

Skrufff: What dishes do you hate?

DJ Sneak: “Boring tasteless dishes.”

ADE’s cook-off takes place on Wednesday October 16

Check out the video of last year’s event…

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