I’m A House Gangster: 1 For Da Clowns


“They don’t even come to see the circus, they come to see the clowns.”

After another hectic season in Ibiza, DJ Sneak is back in the studio and on top form, with a typically strong message for the House genre and clubbing.

1 For Da Clowns wears the I’m A House Gangster ethos on it’s sleeve, with a spoken word from Sneak talking about his drives and approach to DJing, looking past the bullsh!t hype and doing what’s true to the music. The production is classic Sneak and classic Chicago – a fearsome jacking beat underpins a relentless funky loop that breaks into some cheeky fairground fun.

Baile Del Payaso Infeliz sees Sneak dive into heads-down territory, with his mad percussion skills swirling around the deep, gritty and chugging groove.

Available at Beatport and Stompy.

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