THUMP article: DJ Sneak’s Personal Vinyl Picks are Better than Yours

Vice Thump - DJ Sneak

A nice entry from Vice: THUMP where in preparation for his upcoming summer tour, Sneak put together ten of his favourite vinyl tracks and explained what makes them so special. You can catch DJ Sneak playing at MYSTERYLAND US at the Vinyl Only stage, on May 24th.

1. E.S.P. — “It’s You”

I can clearly remember the night I heard this track. As a teen, to be hit with such powerful sounds and lyrics was a very hypnotic moment. It was like at that moment I really understood this house music thing people were talking about in school. As soon as I could get my hands on the record I was a very happy kid!

2. Rosie Gaines — “Closer than Close (Mentor Club Mix)”

What a fantastic track! My friend Derrick Carter who loved to play “I Want You” and “Closer than Close” had turned me onto Rosie Gaines. This track makes everyone boogie even if they don’t like it or know what this music is. I have always kept this funky-ass singing song close, it’s one for the ladies—they love this type of record. I can tell you that I probably own more than five copies in my collection. Check “I Want You” by Rosie, too. They’re classic feel good house tracks that you can always appreciate.

3. Davids Daughters — “Dreaming of Loving You (Basement Boys Classic Club Mix)”

So this is one of the most famous remixes I use to love to drop and still pull it out every now and then. I got several copies. What a record, what a remix. Hands down one of the best remixes by Basement Boys and they’ve had many. I guess people can understand more if you were into the party thing back in the late ‘90s when the selection of records and tracks that were released were 100 times better than today’s music. This track will forever touch people’s good spot, especially if you danced to this under the Ibiza sun! Also for the ladies. One hundred percent.

4. George Morel — “Let’s Groove! (Original Mix)”

For me this track and record let the world know that the label Strictly Rhythm Records was going to be one of those labels that will forever be remembered as the main source of great house music. Hands down this is probably the most loved track by many on Strictly Rhythm, for me it was a ground breaking sound that was also being mastered by NYC producers. Coming from Chicago and getting my influences from Detroit, I had to learn to appreciate and acknowledge New York house music. This record still kicks major ass on the dance floors. George Morel deserves a lot of love for his music and contribution to the label itself.

5. Cajmere featuring Dajae — “Brighter Days”

When I grow up I want to be like Cajmere! This out of this world house music genius has graced us with so many great underground goodies. His music is all about great tracks that DJs love to play. I am grateful to have been part of this history while taking my first steps with Cajmere’s label Casual Records. This is one of the best songs ever produced and it’s a true representation of Chicago. North Side, South Side, East Side and West Side were ALL jamming to this amazing track. Respect to Cajmere forever, the man has the Green Thumb!

6. Steve ‘Silk’ Hurley — “Jack Your Body (Original Mix)”

This track and record was my cherry popper. I lost my mind when I got my hands on two white labels of this track. This was my first BUY of records ever. I practiced over and over with all the mixes of this track. I mean, this is HOUSE MUSIC for REAL and this was my school. I will forever remember this track and when I can still share it and play it out. It’s a tribute to my teachers: Steve Hurley, Farley Jackmaster Funk, Ralphie Rosaio, the Hot Mix 5 and 102.7 FM WBMX.

7. Romanthony — “The Wanderer”

Romanthony sadly passed last year—way too young to be gone. His music was so extreme on so many levels. He was a man of many talents; music production and song writing were his best skills. I had always followed Roman since the first wax I got my hands on and finally, eventually he was brought to Chicago by Cajmere, Chez Damier and Ron Trent. This was one of his best tracks ever in a very long list of prolific musical masterpieces. He will forever be cherished because of his music, I know I will hear this track somewhere in the future and will always reflect back onto this period in music. I hope my friend is at peace in a place where he is still being Romanthony.

8. Todd Terry — “Jumpin’”

How I still love this track, this was one of the best tracks ever produced by a master. TODD TERRY IS GOD in the studio. My man always keeps it real, always being Todd and always coming up with the sickest beats. His beats were a staple in my studio. I think I sampled all of them because they were so crisp, then I bought an SP1200 and I got it. This track will kill any dance floor, probably even in other galaxies. Big love to Todd Terry, he is house music!

9. Cricco Castelli — “Life is Changing”

Respect is due to one of the best producers to ever emerge from Italy. Cricco was the business; he made so many amazing club tracks, serious bangers considered to be dropped at prime times. His production was always on point. People will forever relate this track and will probably remember myself, or Derrick Carter because we both used to smash this track. I hope Cricco makes a comeback soon, he is a master and we need more of his boogie.

10. Frankie Knuckles feat. Jaime Principle — “Bad Boy”

When I went deep into buying records and trying to get my hands on the freshest house music, I kept finding records on this label. Turns out, this was one of the most influential labels in Chicago house for many years. This is a real tribute pick for our friend and godfather Frankie Knuckles. Most people will go for the most obvious tracks but this is a rare one. Bless him and all the beauty he brought to this world.

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