Thump Exclusive Track – Jakkin Rabbit Storm Back to No.19 with DJ Sneak and ‘Obsession’

‘Jakkin Rabbit’ is a project born of a strong veteran presence. The combined efforts of Marc Spence and Danny Kane provide a salient combination of experience and relevance to their particular brand of moody, driving deep house. Their blend of classic influences and modern inspirations has attracted a welcome ear from Art Department’s newly solo, Jonny White, his No.19 label, and now the deft touch of the Canadian house hero, DJ Sneak.

Jakkin Rabbit’s newly released EP ‘Obsession’ (out on beatport yesterday) features the DJ Sneak remix of “Love or Money.” Sneak significantly alters the original’s slow, sultry vibe. From the get go, waves of percussive energy rip into the track’s lead melody, building a foundational groove that will underpin the rest of the song. Rather than breaking it down into a head-bobbing bass line, Sneak maintains this version’s pattering sense of space. It’s a tight formula for head-down, dance floor hypnotism.

Head over to beatport now to grab your copy!

Sneak’s contribution to the EP rounds out another uncompromising release from the Jakkin Rabbit team. Thump recently spoke to the duo to get a better sense of how they make their music and what inspires them to keep working at such a high level.

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