CRATE DIGGIN : Sneak Gives Up His Favourite Derrick Carter Records

DJ Sneak and Derrick Carter both are undeniably huge pioneers when it comes to house music.










Both anchored in the rich history of Chicago, the birthplace of the sound, they are both respected for putting their own stamps on the form and leading the way when it comes to being true and proper DJs with the technical ability to match their selections. There’s no doubt their paths are both intertwined, sharing both professional and personal relationships and often coming together for back to back sessions (which always go off) and this coming Saturday night we’ve managed to get them both in the house to share the Room One bill this Saturday night.

With a mutual respect so obvious, we hit up Sneak to ask him to pick out his own personal run down of highlights from Carter’s stand out career. And even though Carter is an artist who has touched and informed so many of the artists who come through our doors and we so often hear his work cited as an influence on these pages, we feel his comrade Sneak is far better placed than any to bring out the gems of his friend’s back catalogue.

Check out the list of tracks for yourself

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