My 5 Favourite Things: DJ Sneak

Electronic music fads come and go, but quality house has weathered all those gusts of hype and fickle ears. Among its most fervent prophets (and purists!) is Carlos Sosa aka DJ Sneak, a veteran of the Chicago house sound, who stormed onto the scene as part of that second Chicago talent wave, alongside hometown brethren Derrick Carter, Cajmere/Green Velvet and Paul Johnson, to name a few.

Sneak, a heavy hitter on the international club front, has always been an outspoken advocate for real, unfettered, underground house music, launching his “I’m a house gangster” campaign a few years ago to get house music’s groove back after countless dalliances with industry glamour. His Puerto Rican lineage infuses some of his output with a distinctly tribal, Latin feel, while infectious disco filtered house beats make up the bulk of his magnum opus. This funky don shared his five favourite things with Societe Perrier.

1. Cooking: I love to cook. When I get the chance to spend time in the kitchen, I take full advantage. I’m often on the road, so when I’m traveling I like to taste different foods and then come home and try and make my favorites. During the summer, it’s grillin’ time where ever I go, it doesn’t matter where I land, I can usually find a place to grill up some heavy cuts.

2. Making music: Making beats is what I do. Ever since I landed in Chicago in 1983, house music has been a major part of me; it’s my journey in life. As a pupil from the Windy City, I crafted a signature sound in the 1990s and have been relentlessly making music ever since. I spend many hours in my studio making beats for DJs to play out.

3. Cottage life: I love cottage life. There is nothing like unplugging from the wild world and breathing fresh crisp air while sitting by the water or chilling by a campfire, checking out the northern lights. In the summer time we get together at my in-laws’ summer cottage in Timmins, Ontario and this is where I loose all electronics and become a true bushwhacker – fishing, hunting, boating, but mostly relaxing my mind & ears from all loud sounds.

4. DJing: I’ve been a DJ since 1986; it’s a huge part of me. It was in my early days in Chicago when I picked up on the craft that I love to this day. There is nothing more exciting and relaxing to me than DJing while entertaining people around the world. I feel like I was put on this earth to do exactly what I am doing. I figured out this was my life calling and I still love it like the first day I got to get on the turntables.

5. Gardening: This is an odd one, but yes, I like gardening. Ever since my wife started building a garden oasis in our backyard, I have picked up on the hobby and we now have a summer tradition of growing our own vegetables plus keeping our oasis looking great. I make beats in the studio then take breaks in my garden. Life is good.

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