Sneak talks to DMC World

Ahead of his Fabric mix CD, Sneak chatted to Dan Prince from the world renowned DMC World about growing up in Puerto Rico and his move to Chicago, getting into House Music, the selections on his Fabric mix and his prize vegetable patch!

Carlos, welcome back to the DMC World. Back with a vengeance with a mighty Fabric release, everyone is saying the best from the London super club in a long time, well done sir. So let’s go back to the early sunshine days of DJ Sneak on the island of Puerto Rico – playing on the beach amidst salsa bands and people dancing in the surf. Music was all around you from an early age. How was family life growing up?

“Family life was good, I had loving parents, grandparents, uncles, aunties and loads of cousins. We were all different but similar at the same time, we all loved Latin music and dancing was a daily thing around the house. My family didn’t have much but they always knew how to have a good time. Even though I came from a family that was not financially rich, we were very rich in love and affection.”

You first encountered a turntable and a piece of vinyl very early on in life at the mother of a friend’s house. There must have been loads of popular Puerto Rican musicians in the pile, but can you remember any of the commercial artists you saw there that day?

“Mostly FANIA All Stars, some Beatles, Elvis, Celia Cruz, Cortijo y su Combo, Ismael Rivera…”

You moved to Chicago with the family from there, swapping the beach for bricks, the waves for the wind, the sea for sirens and the coconuts for cold. But one thing you did discover that first summer of 84 in Chicago was music. Tell us about the sounds from back then, this was before MTV so how did a kid hear the beats?!?

“Everything in Chicago was new and BIG… Read the full interview on the DMC website here

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