Miami Special – DMC talk WMC with Sneak

In a series of interviews with the scene’s most respected players and Miami WMC veterans, DMC World Magazine caught up with Sneak to get his views on the state of the WMC, cheesy DJs, the best parties and the biggest tracks.

We know that the WMC is more about profile and the party rather than business deals, is it the most important date on the dance calendar still?

“Well it is the start of the new year for DJs. I usually spend the winter months back home preparing tracks for the rest for the year, and living in Toronto allows me to stay inside all winter till I get to Miami, then it’s hustle time. I know a lot of people go to WMC to party and meet friends but for me it’s all about gigs and getting ready for the year to come. I go to Miami to do work and play all my gigs with the mission that each set will get me more gigs for the year.”

As thousands of next generation clubbers descend on the big events, do you feel the spirit of house music is being lost to a crowd looking for that instant anthem hit?

“The spirit of house music is never lost to the people that actually care and respect real HOUSE MUSIC. Too many crowds and the majority of the industry, the real meaning of this music has been lost years ago – nowadays it’s all about “frontin” and putting up a fake image to impress. The crowds don’t even know what they are looking for anymore and they are confused with abbreviations like EDM.”

Have you had to change your musical direction in the last year?
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