DJ Mag USA Interview & Podcast

Sneak recently featured on the front cover of the recently launched DJ Mag Weekly USA edition in a re-run of an interview published in DJ Mag in the UK. Read the full article here, and check out the exclusive podcast he recorded for DJ Mag below…

Plenty lay their claim to Chicago authenticity but there are few who carry the true spirit of its house legacy, let alone earned their reputation playing its clubs and parties. Despite now living in Toronto, the imposing figure of DJ Sneak is filled with more jack than you could shake a beanstalk at, knocking out classics like ‘Can’t Hide From Your Bud’ and releasing via his own Magnetic Recordings.

The master of pumping house beats with a funk, hip-hop and disco edge, his recent mix for Fabric showcased mixing tighter than a nat’s chuff (and its a designer chuff at that) with a whole heap of attitude to boot. He’s matched that for us with a podcast that spends no time waiting around, diving straight into Sneak’s trademark heavy house groove and never letting up.

1. Those French Slackers – Sunday Morning – So Tasty 1
2. Fries & Bridges – Pipe Cleaner – Robsoul
3. Dimitri Max – Hit Wonder – Guesthouse Music
4. Mark Castley – People Gather Round – Blue Gritt Records
5. DJ Soydan – One Hand – Magnetic Recordings
6. Mehrnoosh – Blind Minded (Jordan Peak’s Rouge Rework) – Escapism Musique
7. Ali Scott & Alcatraz Harry – Fresh P – Love Not Money Records’
8. Housing Authority (Dbow & Lou Cass) – Dash o Swang – Promo
9. Ramon Tapia – Don’t Go (Original Mix) – Magnetic Recordings
10. Scrubfish – Back On The Block – Lutefisk Records
11. Tripmastaz Dubs Vol 1 – Knocks Dub – Plant 74

And if you want even more check out the full issue of DJ Mag Weekly USA.

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